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Enable a SMARTer way of doing business when you level up to 5G. Smart Enterprise Postpaid plans allow you to boost employee productivity while maintaining operational efficiency with the capabilities of 5G. Smart Infinity enables you to elevate your mobile and lifestyle experiences anytime and anywhere with 5G-ready phones and plans.

Features of 5G

Boost employee productivity with these features.

Enhanced Mobile Broadband 

Experience faster download and upload speeds when accessing files, videos, and pages online.

Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications 

Maximize data usage with low latency to ensure reliable data transfer.

Massive Machine Type Communications 

Explore different usages of faster speeds  through IoT technology and digital innovations.

Use Cases
5G sets the groundwork for new technologies and innovations


Augmented Reality


Autonomous Vehicles

Hi-Resolution Video Streaming

Internet of Things

Low Latency

Smart Cities

Level up to Smart 5G

Smart 5G is finally here! Work and collaborate more seamlessly and effectively while living your digital life to the fullest.

Solutions fit for your business

Choose from these solutions and effectively manage your business

Enterprise Postpaid 5G

Level up to Smart 5G to boost employee productivity and operational efficiency — a smarter way to the future

Smart Infinity 5G

Elevate the way you live through non-stop LTE & 5G surfing for your mobile and digital lifestyle needs

Enterprise Broadband 5G

Elevate your business operations with a 5G solution running on Smart’s latest 5G technology

Learn more about 5G

Let us answer your questions about 5G

Move towards a SMARTer future of business.

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