PLDT and Smart bring you a platform that will enable you to have full control and visibility to up to hundreds of thousands of interconnected IoT devices.


The first in the Philippines, PLDT and Smart brings you a platform that will empower both consumers and businesses, revolutionizing the way we all live and work - a milestone for the PLDT Group as well as for the country.

The Internet of Possibilities – this breakthrough all-in-one platform opens up new horizons of opportunities where technology meets human capability.
The PLDT Group opens up new possibilities for IOT.

Have Full Control
Have full control over your SIMs and IoT devices via a multi-tenant self-service enterprise portal with a self provisioning feature.
Gain Transparency and Visibility
Monitor your consumption on every device and track usage trends.
Develop Self-care
Create automated rules and notifications to increase efficiency and secure IoT devices.
Discover a new world of possibilities

It’s a powerful tool that is set to transform the way Internet of Things applications are deployed and managed in the country.

Connectivity update and monitoring

Closely monitor which of your lines are online, offline, or need special attention

Real-time monitoring, reporting, and analytics to track usage and trends

Monitor near real time data usages with a single pane dashboard and generate timely reports

Self-service multi-tenant enterprise portal

Empower your teams to manage their own accounts and track their data usages

Flexible charging models

Choose the right charging model based on your needs – fixed monthly for regular charges, data pool for maximizing uneven data usages, and pay-per-use for occasional users with connectivity needs

Secure devices against fraudulent misuse

Set rules for protection against fraud, get alerts for overusage and deactivate on your own in cases of theft or loss

API for integration and application development

Seamlessly integrate your company’s application to enable multitude of use cases

What we all thought was impossible, is now possible

The future is within our reach as we build tomorrow’s Smarter future today with Internet of Possibilities by PLDT and Smart

IT'S HERE! Internet of Things

Introducing Internet of Possibilities by PLDT and Smart — the first of its kind in the Philippines. Enter a new world of possibilities and build tomorrow's Smarter future today with a platform that will empower your business to revolutionize the way you live and work.

Flexible charging models catering every business need

Pay a monthly recurring fee for a dedicated data allocation within a fixed budget.

Pay for a certain amount of data allocation per month to be shared among multiple devices consolidated in one bill.

Pay only for what you use with no commitment.

Move towards a SMARTer future of business.

Already subscribed to other Smart IoT Products? Contact your Relationship Manager to get access to the new Smart IoT Platform.

Power your IoT connectivity across different industries

An all-in-one platform that allows PLDT and Smart to push IoT concepts further and cater to the needs of the different industries beyond their imagination

Banking and Financial Services
Have full visibility on data usages, activations and problematic sims deployed in ATMs, POS terminals and financial services.
Transportation and Logistics
Optimize operations by having full control on your IoT devices to track the status of your fleet and usage of your employees.
Reinforce Smarter factories and improve supply chain management by monitoring your IoT devices.
Public Sector
Enable a unified management of Smart City solutions powered by IoT sims.
Improve your operations and customer experience by having full control over your SIM-enabled solutions.
Faster time to market by easily deploying and activating connectivity on your own.
Resource Articles about IoT
Skip the hassle of a switch while you get the best network and plan for your lifestyle.

PLDT group, Nokia seek to help build IoT-enabled industries

SMART Communications, Inc. and the enterprise business arm of PLDT, Inc. have teamed up with multinational telecommunications company Nokia Corp. for an Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform aimed at accelerating the digital transformation of businesses in the country.

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PLDT, Smart select Nokia’s WING for breakthrough IoT services

PLDT Inc., through PLDT Enterprise and its Wireless arm Smart Communications. Inc., is in an advanced stage of discussion with long-time partner Nokia to provide next generation Internet of Things (IoT) services for its customers.

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