Ensure continuous business operations with our fixed line services powered by PLDT.

Featured solutions that may help you grow your business

Global SIP

Connect your business to the world with a highly robust IP network that makes voice communications more ecomonomical.

Direct Lines

A single user telephone service for basic voice and facsimile transmission.

Landline Plus

Enjoy the features of a landline anywhere locally with this service.

Call All

Bring your wireless landline anywhere within the country and call any landline number within your home zone for free.


A service that allows telephone lines to be ported to a different serving exchange.

SIP Trunks

A standard-based SIP trunking that integrates voice and data on a single network.

Fixed Cellular Service

Allow seamless landline and mobile communications for your business


Efficiently call international numbers without operator assistance.

Domestic, International and Universal Toll Free

Allows hotline owners to be billed for calls they receive and prevents excess call charges.

Premium Rate Service

Allows you to communicate with your subscribers pre-recorded information.

Unified Communication and Contact Center

Efficiently manage and monitor third-party hosted customer and premise-based systems.

PLDT Enterprise
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