Edge out competitors by powering your business with a multi-site network solution built for the cloud age.​

Accelerate amid the cloud age's digital transformation by applying software-defined technology to your WAN connections. With PLDT SD-WAN, you get optimal performance for your multi-branch business despite geographical distances.

What is SD-WAN?

Software-defined WAN is a network connectivity solution that enhances your network resilience and improves application performance across multi-site deployments.

Who can benefit from SD-WAN?

PLDT SD-WAN is for businesses that operate across a network of branches looking to migrate to a hybrid network where on-premise and cloud applications are accessible anywhere.
Key Features

Improved Application Experience

Experience optimized TCP, forward error correction, and packet duplication with SD-WAN's application-aware routing

Optimized Software as a Service

Get up to 40% faster Office 365 Performance via Multipath with PLDT SD-WAN's Cloud On-Ramp Feature

Get Network Control, Visibility, & Insights

See your network's health, quality, and performance in one screen and instantly get insights on all your core applications

Use Cases
Offload internet traffic directly at the branch and utilize MPLS for local apps.
Managed SD-WAN Service
Enjoy full visibility over your network and manage resources from a central platform.
Key Benefits
PLDT SD-WAN leverages your existing network services while elevating your network capabilities
Increased Reliability
Avoid unnecessary downtime with SD-WAN's seamless failover.
Network Visibility
Manage your network health performance through a web-based Dashboard.
Improved Application Performance
Define application policies so that it aligns with your business needs.
Secure Networking
Experience secure networking with interfaces mapped into VPNs and data traffic encrypted using the latest 256-bit AES.
Branch Breakout to Internet
Offload internet traffic directly at the branch and utilize MPLS for local applications.

Is SD-WAN Right for your business

Can your current network keep up with the application needs of your business? Gain insights from our partner Cisco©.

Experience the power of SD-WAN

Learn how PLDT SD-WAN can help grow your business. Schedule a demo with us today!

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