PLDT Global Empowers Transparent BPO's PH Debut with Stellar Connectivity

PLDT Global and Transparent BPO forge pioneering connectivity, bolstering Philippines as global BPO hub.

 • Apr 02, 2024

Pioneering Connectivity in BPO: From left to right, Edison Bosito and Patrick Cayabyab, Global Project Managers at PLDT Global, with Scott Newman, CEO of Transparent BPO, and Roselle Dela Cruz, VP and Head of Americas and EMEA at PLDT, leading the joint charge in empowering the Philippines as a global BPO hub through innovative digital infrastructure.

San Juan City, Philippines – PLDT Enterprise, the corporate business arm of the Philippines’ leading integrated telco network PLDT Inc. (PLDT), recently partnered with Transparent BPO (TBPO) in delivering unparalleled connectivity for their brand-new office in the Philippines.

One of the most considerable contributors to the country’s economy, the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is responsible for nearly 9% of GDP, bringing in a robust $30 billion annually while generating 1.3 million jobs, according to a LinkedIn article entitled the Future of BPO Industry in the Philippines 2023. Since 2010, the Philippines has been ranked first in the global BPO industry in terms of voice capability; while expanding its footprint further in multi-tower and other high-value services.

Thus, the partnership between PLDT Enterprise and TBPO marks a significant milestone for both companies, underscoring the importance of reliable connectivity in the BPO sector and championing the Philippines as a global hub for BPOs. PLDT US, one of PLDT Global Corporation’s subsidiaries, led the collaboration with TBPO in all planning, prework, and implementation activities. Working closely with PLDT in the Philippines, PLDT US ensured seamless and timely support to deliver TBPO’s network connectivity requirements.

"Joining forces with TBPO embodies a meeting of minds and shared aspirations, signaling a new era of growth and possibilities in the BPO industry. At PLDT Global, we believe that our partnership is more than just a collaboration; it's a shared commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks of excellence. Together, we are dedicated to providing businesses with the robust digital infrastructure and flexible solutions they require to navigate and excel in the dynamic digital landscape. This alliance is not just about expanding our reach; it's about empowering businesses with the confidence and capabilities to thrive in an ever-evolving global market," said Albert Villa-Real, President and CEO of PLDT Global.

“In the realm of our industry, seamless communication and robust technology stand as pivotal pillars, ensuring our workforce's efficiency and our clients' satisfaction. At Transparent BPO, we are passionate about the success of our client’s brand. Our alliance with PLDT underscores our dedication to unwavering connectivity and reliability, fortifying a partnership poised to support our growth trajectory,” said Scott Newman, CEO of TBPO.

Providing Connectivity and Infrastructure

Celebrated for their robust network infrastructure, TBPO officially inaugurated their maiden Philippine location last September 15, 2023. A key criterion and concern in their site selection was the identification of a trustworthy connectivity partner to underpin their comprehensive network requirements.

“Thank you so much to PLDT for moving mountains to get internet in here on-time and as scheduled. Thank you for partnering with us to get us where we are here today,” said Scott Newman, CEO of Transparent BPO.

TBPO’s laudable global infrastructure boasts of Inter-Private Leased circuits (IPLs) connecting various global sites to their twin Data Centers at Equinix Miami, Florida, and Equinix Houston, Texas, ensuring redundancy and resilience. Given this, PLDT Enterprise emerged as the most fitting connectivity partner to meet these demanding prerequisites.

To seamlessly complement TBPO’s vision of establishing a diverse and redundant network, PLDT Enterprise facilitated the deployment of protected subsea cables via Jupiter and AAG, connecting the Philippines directly to the US. This move not only provides redundancy for TBPO’s international links but also guarantees steady and secure data traffic flow.

Further amplifying their day-to-day operational capabilities, PLDT Enterprise supplied TBPO with its premium iGate internet connectivity. Recognizing varying data needs, PLDT also provisioned broadband service for TBPO's less critical traffic, ensuring that all connectivity tiers are meticulously addressed.

“This collaboration embodies our commitment to empower global businesses like TBPO by providing top-notch digital infrastructure. The Philippines has fast become a preferred BPO destination, and we are thrilled to be the connectivity backbone for companies that seek excellence and reliability,” said PLDT Global Vice President for Americas, Roselle Geronga-dela Cruz.

PLDT Global is relentless in initiating relevant partnerships, providing high quality communications infrastructure and innovative platforms to its global network of carriers, enterprise customers, and distribution partners enabling them to achieve their desired connectivity, reach, and market relevance. This is part of PLDT Group’s broader goal to elevate the quality of overall customer experience by building and delivering a full range of digital solutions that serve the evolving needs of the consumer.

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