PLDT Enterprise, Batanes State College boost learning experience

Batanes State College becomes the first institution in Batanes to have high-performance online services through PLDT Enterprise solutions.

 • Sep 07, 2023

PLDT Enterprise signs an agreement with Batanes State College for the first iGate internet service in the province. From left-right: Dh H. Duran, Relationship Manager at PLDT Enterprise of Luzon LGU CRB; Dr. Djovi Durante, BSC President; (Behind Dr. Durante) Engr. Romina Katrina C. Bayaras, Director for Administration and Finance Services at Batanes State College; Vincent R. Rodriguez, Business Head of Luzon and GMM LGU at PLDT Enterprise.

For some academic institutions, the pivot to distance learning has only highlighted the challenges they face with regards to geography and limited wireless broadband infrastructure.

Batanes State College (BSC), a public school located in a remote island at the northernmost tip of Luzon, is one example that faced these lingering disadvantages.

But that is no longer the case.

PLDT Enterprise, the corporate business arm of PLDT, signs an agreement to provide BSC with its cutting-edge iGate Premium Internet Access, a dedicated internet access service that ensures seamless connectivity.

Committed to taking businesses further, the signing is a major milestone for the region, as the school becomes the first institution in Batanes to be empowered with high-performance online services from PLDT Enterprise solutions.

“iGate can reliably facilitate virtual attendance,” says BSC President Dr. Djovi Regala Durante, a key point he emphasized particularly for isolated provinces such as Batanes.

“Sending employees and students to trainings and seminars on the mainland can be logistically challenging and costly. With iGate, attendees can participate more efficiently through the internet, revolutionizing the way BSC conducts its academic and administrative operations,” he adds.

For years, PLDT Enterprise has been at the forefront of bridging the gaps in digitalization by playing a leading role in guiding organizations nationwide in its quest towards digital maturity. But the gravity of this role has become more evident with the advent of off-site work settings for businesses and distance learning modules for schools.

The collaboration between PLDT Enterprise and Batanes State College marks a significant impact on the academe sector in the region. Staff, educators, and students will benefit from enhanced connectivity and the ability to access a wealth of educational resources seamlessly.

Vincent R. Rodriguez, Business Head of Luzon and GMM LGU at PLDT Enterprise, says, "With iGate, Batanes State College can leverage the power of reliable and high-speed internet connectivity to deliver an enhanced learning experience. We ensure seamless and managed connectivity as well as guaranteed bandwidth allowing the institution to focus on education while we take care of their digital needs."

"PLDT Enterprise understands the complexities and requirements of the academe industry, and our iGate service is designed to meet the ever-growing demands of modern education,” adds Dennis G. Magbatoc, AVP and CRM Head of Luzon CRM at PLDT Enterprise. “We are dedicated to creating a positive impact in the community by empowering educational institutions like Batanes State College with cutting-edge technology.”

To those still facing challenges in connectivity, Magbatoc offers an invitation to “join the league of forward-thinking educational institutions that have already embraced iGate and provide your students and educators with the tools they need to succeed in a digital world.”

Batanes State College’s goal is to enhance communication within the institution by establishing a centralized network for voice and data, leaning towards smart campus and digitalization.

Apart from iGate, the institution also elevated their mobile solutions with Smart Bizload providing faculty and staff with prepaid loads systematically and more conveniently.

Additionally, they are exploring the acquisition of the Smart Messaging Suite to efficiently disseminate information to students, integrating it into their enrollment system to provide timely prompts to enrolled students.

The installation of iGate demonstrates BSC's commitment to digital transformation and with PLDT Enterprise at the helm in bringing their goals a reality, both organizations are ensuring that the academe sector in the region remains competitive in the fast-paced digital world.

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