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Take your business to greater heights

In the face of unprecedented challenges, the spirit of Filipino entrepreneurs and businesses has only become stronger and unbreakable. Now wiser with knowledge from past experiences, you are now primed to move onwards into the future.

As you go farther into your own journey, PLDT Enterprise is your reliable partner ready to help you push your business towards greater heights.

Trust us to give you the courage to aim higher for your business allowing it to prosper, flourish and take it to greater heights. Further, Together.




The pandemic has brought on many challenges, but with the difficulties come realizations that make you stronger, wiser, and ready to take on bigger things. PLDT Enterprise recognizes your unbreakable spirit and believes that you can go farther than ever before. Let us be your trusted and reliable partner that takes you there.

Together, let’s take your business to greater heights.

No matter what size or state your business is in, anything is possible with a trusted an reliable partner. Let’s go FURTHER TOGETHER.

Revolutionizing Public Wi-Fi Service for the Local Government

PLDT Enterprise provides the province of Cavite with data infrastructure to help achieve its vision of providing Caviteños with free, reliable, and secure internet access.

"[Linkod Kabitenyo] became a partnership between PLDT and the Province of reduce friction in the application of the [free wi-fi] service."

-Hon. Jonvic Remulla, Governor, Province of Cavite

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Providing Innovative Technology for Relevant Education

PLDT Enterprise empowers STI Academic Center Cainta to build better communities with innovative solutions enabling it to provide students with a more meaningful learning experience.

"Our intention to provide innovative solutions is easily supported by PLDT's nature of business."

-John Tubongbanua,
Vice President, STI Academic Center Cainta

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Putting Customers at the Heart of the Business for Shared Success

With customer-centricity as a shared value, JG Summit Holdings, Inc. trusts PLDT Enterprise as a partner in its digital transformation journey towards providing customers with better options.

"PLDT Enterprise and the Gokongwei Group share one common value: the focus on customer." 

-Carlos G. Santos
Group CIO & VP for Corporate Services, JG Summit Holdings, Inc.

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