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Build a solid fiber foundation to support your digital operations

100% Fiber. Built 3x More Reliable.
BEYOND FIBER runs with a boosted minimum speed – from 30% to 90% of your subscribed speed to ensure a connection that’s more resilient to congestion.

Wi-Fi powered by Cisco Meraki

A business regardless of size deserves a secure and enterprise-grade router. With BEYOND FIBER, get a premium managed router without the added cost, expertise, or hassle.

Curated Digital Solutions

Give your business the right edge – from a variety of curated managed equipment, applications, platforms, and digital services all designed to accelerate your business
See how BEYOND FIBER can help your business
For businesses who want to establish their digital presence and engage customers online
Giving your remote workforce a secure and reliable connection to ensure productivity
Give priority to your critical online operations, while providing a secure connectivity for guests
Look BEYOND and go BEYOND with your #BFF

Businesses need a trusted and reliable partner that will support their needs and be there by their side so they can face the challenges fearlessly


Start your BEYOND FIBER journey
Redefine what your new normal looks like and go BEYOND limits with abilities that you could have
Experience a business-grade Wi-Fi with Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is a global leader in cloud managed networking that offers simplified IT for the modern workplace.

BEYOND FIBER comes with an enterprise-grade Cisco Meraki wi-fi router, managed by PLDT Enterprise, powered by Cisco.

No need for additional IT expertise. Cisco Meraki is managed remotely and updated automatically via the cloud, giving you a hassle free wi-fi experience.

Get two wi-fi networks: one for business, and another for guest users

Optimize your bandwidth for work related tasks and block distractions. Give a better customer experience while protecting your sensitive data by having a separate wi-fi for your guest users.

Experience BEYOND FIBER in action
Redefine what your new normal looks like and go BEYOND limits with abilities that you could have


Stay connected with BEYOND FIBER

Harnessing PLDT’s extensive fiber optic network to deliver business-grade internet

Fiber made even more resilient for today’s business.

Whether working in the office, or working at home, communicate with your customers and employees, join video calls, share files and have seamless online transactions without fear of network congestion even during peak hours.

Spend more time doing, and less time lagging, with BEYOND FIBER’s enhanced fiber service.

Running the day-to-day business over the cloud requires a more reliable internet connection. Make the most out of your internet connectivity with BEYOND FIBER base plan at up to 50 Mbps – get a minimum of 45 Mbps or 90% of the subscribed speed at 90% reliability.
Are you ready to GO BEYOND?
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Do you have questions about our FIBER MIGRATION? Check our FAQs for more info.
Be inspired to go BEYOND
Redefine what your new normal looks like and go BEYOND limits with abilities that you could have
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