The Philippines: Asia's Next Hyperscaler Destination

Famously called 'The Social Media Capital of the World', the Philippines consistently ranks as the top country in the world with the most time spent on social media for 6 years running. Filipinos spend an average of five hours on social platforms versus the global average of three. Filipinos rank within the top 20 of the most popular social media sites worldwide. This is unsurprising given that the Philippine population is the second largest and youngest in Southeast Asia. With a population of 110 million, 80.7% use social media, and this number continues to increase annually.

Why the Philippines is the next destination for hyperscalers?
According to Global Data, the Philippines is becoming one of the most promising destinations in APAC for hyperscale investments due to the country’s favorable business climate, accelerated cloud adoption, demographic shifts to hybrid working, long-term government strategy, and sustainability efforts aligned.

Hyperscale Readiness & Capacity Outlook of the Philippines Content on Demand

Watch how the Philippines is gearing up to be the next hyperscale.

Filipinos are digitally adept and are early adopters of new innovations.

Mobile connections in the country is equivalent to 138.2% of the population-with some users owning more than just one mobile device. Consumer spend on mobile apps was at $340M in 2020 and the e-commerce industry is forecast to grow at annual growth rate of 101.4%. This promising growth trajectory makes the country an ideal destination for those who are not just looking for digital eyeballs - but also the wallet size to back it up.


Strategically located at the heart of Southeast Asia, the Philippines’ location is a critical entry point to over 600 million people in the ASEAN Market and a natural gateway to the East-Asian economies. It is one of the world’s most promising destinations for foreign investments, with the United Nations Conference of Trade and Development ranking the country 10th in the world. The Philippines is among the ‘Tiger Cub Economies’ in Asia, with the International Monetary Fund forecasting a strong economic growth for the country thanks to government policies supporting economic growth.

The Philippines: The Ideal Digital Market Destination

The Philippines' growing market, thriving economic profile, and strategic location offer vast opportunities for global enterprises looking to expand their international reach.

The Jupiter Cable System positions the Philippines as Hyperscalers’ gateway to APAC

It is the latest addition to PLDT’s 16 international cables routing critical data traffic going in and out of the country. It traverses the Pacific Ocean from North America connecting directly to Maruyama and Shima in Japan and to Daet, Camarines Norte in the Philippines.

It is now the fastest cable system between the Philippines and the United States. Jupiter is anticipated to triple PLDT’s international capacity of 20 Terabit/s to about 60 Terabit/s.

It will exponentially boost the Philippines’ international capacity to the USA and Japan and therefore encourage and escalate digital trade and services amongst said countries. Jupiter will further strengthen Philippines’ position as the next hyperscaler hub by ensuring cable network diversity while directing global data traffic to major data centers in the country where hyperscalers and local & global enterprises are hosted.

Enable emerging technologies such as IOT, artificial intelligence & virtual reality

Support the digital adoption and automation across all economic sectors

Accelerate digital services demand and consumption

Further elevate the digital lifestyle of more Filipinos


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