PLDT Global Highlights Connectivity Solutions at PTC’24

PLDT Global highlights connectivity solutions at PTC'24, bridging continents and expanding global reach.

 • Mar 25, 2024

PLDT Enterprise Unveils Guam Point of Presence: A Strategic Milestone in Global Connectivity.

Honolulu, Hawaii, January 25, 2024 – PLDT Global, the international arm of PLDT Inc., successfully concluded its participation in the Pacific Telecommunications Council's Annual Conference (PTC’24) in Honolulu, Hawaii from January 21 to 24, 2024. The strategic event showcased PLDT Global's latest developments, innovations, and contributions during a focused discussion at a cocktail night. Three key topics took center stage: GUAM Point of Presence, Virtual Point of Presence, and ADC Pre-Selling.

Guam Point of Presence – Bridging Continents

PLDT Global proudly unveiled its fifth Global Point of Presence in Guam through a partnership with GTA Teleguam (GTA). Edith G. Gomez-Cudiamat, Chief Operations Officer of PLDT Global, emphasized Guam's pivotal role in bridging Asia, Oceania, and North America.

"The GuamPoP signifies a milestone, enhancing connectivity between the Asia-Pacific and North American regions. This strategic initiative amplifies data traffic across subsea cable systems, reinforcing our market presence and offering resilient network solutions directly from the Philippines to the US," she stated. The Guam Point of Presence underscores PLDT's proactive approach, addressing evolving demands and aligning with PLDT Global's vision of connecting people, businesses, and continents for economic and technological advancement.

Virtual Point of Presence – Expanding Global Reach

Mitch Locsin, First Vice President and Head of Enterprise and International Core Business of PLDT, highlighted the importance of Virtual Point of Presence in extending global reach. This initiative enables customers to leverage their IEPL subscription across key global locations and expand into data centers worldwide. “Our wider Virtual Point of Presence connects customers to key cities in Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Europe, demonstrating our commitment to meeting growing internet needs and market expansion across continents,” Locsin explained.

Asia Direct Cable (ADC) System – Accelerating Connectivity

PLDT Global introduced the pre-selling of the Asia Direct Cable (ADC) System, set to enhance connectivity within Asia. Expected to be operational by Q1 2025, the system will boost the country’s connectivity to East and Southeast Asia, promoting digital transformation and economic growth.

Locsin highlighted the ADC System's features, including seven International Cable Landing Points, at least 21 Tbs of additional international network capacity, and a minimum of 200 Gbps DWDM per wavelength design for hyperscale bandwidth.

PLDT Global’s Ongoing Commitment

In its commitment to deliver world-class communication services, PLDT Global continues to initiate partnerships for international voice services, elevating the quality of customer experience for overseas Filipino communities. Mitch Locsin emphasized, “Strategic partnerships are at the heart of what we do, paving the way for mutual growth worldwide. Your success is our success.”

For more information on Virtual Point of Presence locations and connectivity solutions, reach out to PLDT Global, through its innovative solutions, is driving towards a connected and digitally empowered future.

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