PLDT, Smart, X-Power Tech deal unlocks limitless potential with IoT Platform

PLDT is leading the industry in equipping enterprises and MSMEs with the latest in Internet of Things (IoT) technology as it powers mobile tech innovator, X-Power technology, through IOT solutions.

 • Apr 29, 2022

PLDT is leading the industry in equipping enterprises and MSMEs with the latest in Internet of Things (IoT) technology as it powers mobile tech innovator X-Power Technology with management of connected IoT devices, through PLDT’s Internet of Possibilities (IoP) solutions for the enterprise.

Through the PLDT and Smart IoP solution, businesses are equipped to be more efficient with their time and resources.

"Automating operation workflows helps increase operational efficiency. The PLDT and Smart IoT Platform, which includes the capability to monitor online SIMs, puts companies at a competitive advantage because they are able to easily monitor the online status and data usage of their connected devices,” according to Nico Alcoseba, FVP and Head of Enterprise Product Management and Marketing at PLDT.

“Our IoP is ideal for XPower’s nationwide deployment as it allows them to achieve scale, empower their overall operations, and achieve their vision for their users, all while focusing on other parts of their businesses,” shares John Eric Alviz, VP for Wireless Marketing at PLDT Enterprise.

IoP provides reliable connectivity through machine-to-machine SIMs, telemetry or IoT monitoring, as well as connectivity for point-of-sale machines, IoT devices, among others. 

“We provide a convenient tech lifestyle for our users to stay powered up and online all the time through our power banks. Having reliable connectivity is thus important for our company’s nationwide initiative for the growing screen advertising market,” according to John Chen, X-Power Technology General Manager.

Established in June 2021 at the height of the pandemic, X-Power Technology Inc. is the first to provide flexible, affordable, and accessible power bank rental service. They provide a charge-on-the-go service using portable power banks where users can charge their smartphones, tablets and other devices that use micro, type-c, and iOS connectors while mobile, benefitting both merchants and customers.

“Our power bank machine screens will be maximized to feature advertisement by brands and help them get connected with their target consumers,” shares Yen Padlan, X-Power Technology Chief Marketing Officer. “PLDT and Smart’s IoT SIMs connect the machines that can be located via our app to allow our customers to find the X-Power terminal nearest to them, enabling them to engage in their daily activities by staying connected.”

PLDT continues to be at the forefront of providing technology solutions that allow enterprises to grow further in their respective industries, including applications of IoT. In 2021, PLDT and Smart became the first in the country to commercially offer IoT applications and solutions, through their IoP digital offering. This innovation is aligned with the PLDT group’s broader initiative to elevate the quality of experience provided to all its customers. It also underscores PLDT’s commitment to help the country achieve UN SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure.

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