FILIPAY paves modernization of the local transport system

FILIPAY finds a reliable partner in PLDT in revolutionizing transportation systems with the Telavi People Counting Camera and other digital tools.

 • May 09, 2023

FILIPAY seals a partnership with PLDT Enterprise for their digital solutions. Front row from left to right: Mark Rayo, Business Head - Corporate Relationship Management at PLDT Enterprise, Janice Arino - Founder, President, & CEO at Filipay, Luzminda Escobidal - General Manager at PN ROA CANITOAN TRANSPORT COOPERATIVE, Shirley Billedo - National Sales Head at ATI. Back row from left to right: Mary Jane Hernandez - Sales Manager at ATI, Reyan Nofuente - Relationship Manager at PLDT Enterprise.

FILIPAY, the leading flagship product of Service Economy Applications Inc., commits to offering efficient, secure, transparent, and convenient cashless fare payment transactions through the Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS) and Fleet Management System for the on-going Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Modernization project.

In partnership with PLDT Enterprise, the B2B arm of the largest fully integrated telco PLDT, FILIPAY is expected to progress their systems further through the acquisition of the Telavi People Counting Camera with Command Center. The technology solution allows FILIPAY to address route, fleet, and driver management, and gain visibility on their daily revenue.

PN ROA CANITOAN TRANSPORT COOPERATIVE (PONTRANSCO) is also the first transportation cooperative in the Philippines to implement FILIPAY AFCS and Telavi People Counting Camera with Command Center in Cagayan De Oro to further support the PUV Modernization Project. FILIPAY also implemented Project ‘Luzviminda’, named after PONTRANSCO's General Manager, Luzminda Escobidal, to embody her strong vision that the solution will be replicated in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

“Modernizing Philippine transportation with a cashless payment system is no easy feat,” says Janice Ariño, Founder, President, & CEO of FILIPAY. “We need high standard software and hardware supported by a partner that offers only the best customer service – and PLDT Enterprise delivers in all of these.”

Revolutionizing the Transportation Sector

Through the digital solutions from the partnership of FILIPAY and PLDT Enterprise, they are able to decentralize management of data, which facilitates direct, reliable, and real-time access to information. It also allows for less service failures and lowered transaction costs in comparison to centralized and distributed systems.

“This acquisition has not only helped FILIPAY, but also our transport group partners nationwide,” Ariño says.

Affecting change beyond local businesses, PLDT Enterprise and FILIPAY are also cooperating with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board and other transport teams to mobilize the Telavi People Counting Camera and Command Center. This collaboration finalizes the Department of Transportation’s on-going route rationalization plan that monitors and gathers data on transport vehicles.

“We are proud of this successful partnership with FILIPAY and how the collaboration influences the transport sector for the better,” says Ding Villarino, Vice President and Head of Enterprise Revenue Group at PLDT Enterprise. “Truly, a partnership is a success when solutions are adapted by other stakeholders as well, and this milestone is a step forward in building a better tomorrow for transport cooperatives and the industry.”

Technology in Service of Transport Efficiency

FILIPAY also faced challenges in real-time vehicle monitoring and route managements. “We needed reliable internet connectivity and top-quality hardware and software to digitally manage our transport systems,” Ariño says.

With PLDT Enterprise’s fiber-fast connectivity and Telavi People Counting Solution, FILIPAY has since been able to increase efficiency in monitoring vehicle fuel and gas consumption, and address problems of theft that they have been able to extend to partners located as far as Mindanao.

“More than improving our existing products and services, PLDT Enterprise’s best customer service has empowered us to create new partnerships and explore new business ventures. Their digital tools have made a well-oiled machine out of our company,” shares Ariño.

PLDT Enterprise remains true to its commitment in influencing a positive change in the community as it continues to support businesses to move Further Together through digital solutions. “We are excited to contribute further to the transport sector with the help of FILIPAY and serve more Filipinos. By understanding the complexities of various industries and the magnitudes of their businesses’ needs, we continue to improve our solutions so we may support more companies in their digital advancement.” says Mitch Locsin, First Vice President and Head of Enterprise and International Business Groups at PLDT and Smart.

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